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Trimming of videos

Splitting of videos

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Video trimming, splitting and freezing of clips is a very useful feature for video editors. They trim or cut un-useful and rough parts of videos to increase uniqueness and creativity. People also love to watch clear, concise and engaging content. This incredible art of cutting and trimming enhances the number of viewers on your platform. Follow these simple steps for cutting and trimming through Kinemaster MOD APK.

Part 01- How to Trim Videos

The art of trimming enhance engaging content and remove non-essential parts from videos. Follow below mentioned steps for smooth trimming.

Step No. 1

Download applications from our website or any other source by searching on Google, because the MOD version is not available on the Play Store. After successful installation, open the Kinemaster App and click on the create a new project (+) button. Select the aspect ratio according to the video format for editing and import it from your mobile gallery.

Step No. 2

The video will appear in the Kinemaster APK at the bottom of the interface. When you tap on the inserted video, all features of Kinemaster will appear on the right side of the interface. Now click on the Trim/Split option. A new box will appear with different options for trimming and splitting. Select the unwanted parts of the video for trimming from both sides. Tap on the trim left or right option and your selected video part from right or left side will be removed.

Step No. 3

Finally, a new video after editing is ready for exporting. Click on the exporting button at the top right corner, select the quality of the video and frame as per your choice and save the video to your device.

Part 02- How to Split and Freeze Videos

Step No. 1- Splitting

Add video into the Kinemaster APK for editing. A box with all the features of Kinemaster will appear on the right side by clicking on the inserted video. Click on the Trim/Split option on the right side of the interface. Tap on the parts of the video where you want to split. Tap on the split option and your selected video will be divided into two parts.

Step No. 2- Splitting and Freezing

Furthermore, users can also split and freeze the videos by clicking on the split and freeze option.

Step No. 3- Save and Export

Your project is completed, save and export high quality video.

Frequently Asked Question

Kinemaster is very easy to use software. Insert video into Kinemaster APK. Select the parts of video and click on the split. Your video will be divided into two parts. Further, you can make many parts of single video.

Simple import video from the gallery and click on the video layer. Then tap on the middle of the video and select the split the video from the right side of the interface.

Users can zoom the video up to the level of one second and you can easily cut the single second rough video parts very easily.

Final Remarks

An easy to use application with tons of features. Make very unique and creative videos by using splitting and trimming feature for social media posting. This article will make splitting and trimming very easy for you.

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