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Are you starting a bright career in video editing and searching for an easy-to-use and unique featured application for iPhone? Then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss an Kinemaster for iphone with multi-featured and powerful video editing tools known as Kinemaster IPA.

It is a free video editing application developed by the Kinemaster video editor expert group for Android, PC, Mac, and iOS operating systems. This application is well renowned due to unique editing for vlogging animated videos, chroma key videos, music background videos, AI features, corner pins with 3D effects, and many more. You can cut, trim and join videos with the addition of multilayers of stickers, text and videos.

Kinemaster for iphone

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IOS, iPhone, iPad


Kinemaster Group


Video Editor


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50,000 +

Features of Kinemaster for iphone

Editable Video Templates

Kinemaster for iphone app provides tons of readymade viral video formats related to birthday wishes, anniversaries, invitations for weddings, intros, vlogs, and many more. Just download your favorite video template, replace it with your images and videos in the Kinemaster IPA video editor and export it. Your versatile video is ready for posting on social media.

Multi-layering Feature

Users can enjoy such an amazing feature for making videos attractive. You can add different layers of media, effects, stickers, text and handwriting on images and videos. The easy-to-use interface of this application supports multi-layering features for users.

Splitting and Joining of Video

With the help of this feature, users can cut and split large video files into two or more small clips and also trim the unwanted rough parts of videos. Editor can also join different small parts of video clips to make one large video with kinemaster for iphone.

Video Speed and Reversing

Nowadays, slow and fast-motion videos are viral on social media. With such amazing features of Kinemaster IPA for IOS, slow and fast motion videos can be created. This feature makes your video unique. Users can reverse their video to the original format, and all filters, layers and other editing are finished by just clicking on reverse.

Filters and Color Adjustment

It is a unique feature of Kinemaster for iPhone. Users can apply different filters like basic, cold, low saturation, mono, vivid, and warm to their images and videos. Users can also increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, hue and temperature of images and videos. 

AI Visuals in videos

Artificial intelligence is playing a key role in video editing. AI style features of applications like 3D cartoons, art, artifacts, artistic, canvas, cartoons, comics, hieroglyphs, illusion, paintings, and sketches enhance the visual effects just like graphic designing.

Magic Remover

Users can remove the background of videos and images by just clicking on the magic remover feature and the image or video background turns into black color.

High-Resolution Quality

People love to watch HD quality videos. The super-resolution feature of this application enhances the quality of video or images to the next level and makes the video more fascinating with kinemaster for iphone.

Noise Remove

These features of kinemaster for iphone improve your voice quality during video recording and remove all irritating or unrequired voices from audio files.

Chroma Key

Record your video with a green or blue color background then change it with your favorite image or video with the help of chroma key features. This amazing feature of Kinemaster is just like video editing in movies.

High-Quality Exporting

Finally, the user can export and save HD videos up to 1440p resolution with 60 FPS on their mobile just like kinemaster mod apk. Users can create ultra as well as full high-definition videos for social as well as professional life with kinemaster for iphone.

Kinemaster Assets Store

Kinemaster for iphone has its store known as an asset store with thousands of effects, transitions, stickers, copyright-free background music, sound effects, clip graphics, videos, images, fonts, AI style, filters and many more. You can download it all free of cost from the store.

Screenshots of Kinemaster for iphone

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kinemaster

Every video editing application has its pros and cons. Let me describe some positive and negative aspects of the Kinemaster IPA for iPhone.


  • Its interface is user-friendly for video editing, even during multi-layering.
  • Kinemaster for Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone have the same interface and features.
  • You can add up to 12 layers of images, videos, stickers, etc.
  • Free asset store with tons of premium features.
  • Support up to 4K export HD videos.


  • Subscription is expensive to enjoy premium features.
  • Watermark present on videos.
  • You can add up to 12 layers of images, videos, stickers, etc.
  • Support iPhone models with special specifications for smooth editing. Users with less specification iPhones face issues like slow processing time or even crashing.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can use one of the best video editing applications, Kinemaster, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Users having iPhone/iPod touch with 15.6 IOS and iPad OS 15.6 or updated can use the Kinemaster IPA video editing application with smooth working.

Yes, the free version of Kinemaster IPA for IOS contains a watermark on videos. Users can remove watermarks from videos by purchasing monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Final Remarks

In this article, I discussed the Kinemaster video editing application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch operating systems. It is the most renowned and famous application for video editing due to its premium features and easy-to-use interface. Kinemaster IPA for IOS works very smoothly, having an iPhone with 15.6 IOS or an updated operating system. We highly appreciate you for using Kinemaster IPA for video editing on iphone.

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